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Last updated 12:18 PM on 2 March 2018



Fishing competitions will be held regularly and there will be three categories:


During Term Competition

The weekend following week 4 & 8 of each term. Competition will commence at 3.10pm on the Friday and end at 5pm on the Sunday.


School Holiday Competition

This competition will run the entire length of the school holidays

Competition will start 3.00pm on the last day of term and run until 5pm on the day prior to school going back. When pupil free days occur, the pupil free day is counted as the day school goes back.


Whole Year Competition

Prizes will be awarded


Recording your catch

The competition will be run on the basis of photographs of your catch.

Individual fish will need to be photographed on a proper Fish Measuring Mat.

There will be a meeting at school prior to each competition. At the meeting a coloured Symbol will be given out to all competitors, this must also be included in each photograph as evidence that the photograph was taken during competition time. These symbols must be returned following each competition outing.

Submit photos of:

  • your biggest fish for each species,
  • your entire catch

(Note – Fishing Bag limits and size limits must be adhered to, any breach of this will result in disqualification)


Photographs to be sent via text message to Mr Groth (Mobile 0417 263 541)